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Friends of the Negev  is an association founded by parents of children with autism in the Negev, in order to do our best for the advancement of children with autism in the Negev area.


We aim to enable them to lead a meaningful life, to help them become people who contributes to society and  to fully integrate them into our world.


Each and every one is entitled to and deserves to integrate into society according to his or her ability, and we believe that everyone can do it when given proper conditions.

The guiding principle is that we have the power to influence and change the existing reality in the Negev.


As an association of determined and united parents we strive for high quality education in a nurturing, social services  that are adapted to the needs of benefactors and children and their families, for a tolerant and conscious society that accepts everyone for who they are and not for what they are.

We believe that all of this can be achieved by fruitful cooperation  with all those involved in our children's lives.


Association of Friends of the Negev acts for the rights extraction of children with autism in the Negev, and for achieving long-term solutions to problems parents just like us face in the areas of education, welfare and society. At the same time, we provide support to families of children with autism and form together a community of active, aware, and supportive parents.

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