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Treatment center project

In Beer-Sheba city alone there are over 1000 children with autism. About 112 of then go every day to their special education kinder-garden with emphasis on communication skills, which is the most common developmental delay among children with autism in all ages. There are 14 kinder-gardens in total. The rest attend regular kinder-gardens with aid. 


The Israeli ministry of health dedicates vast sums of money each year to fund weekly treatments for these children, which they are entitled to by law.


As of today, only 2 lucky kinder-gardens from 14 special education kinder-gardens, offer these vital treatments. Leaving dozens of children without adequate treatments.


We wish to change that by allowing then to receive these treatments in an independent treatments center.

You can help Nathan, maybe he'll learn to say "Hello" to his friends because of your donation. Every sum counts!. Donate today and help us give hope to parents and their children with autism.

You can be a part of our activity, even If you live outside of Israel.

You have the power to change the lives of our children by giving. Love and time is also a currency!

Association "Friends of the Negev" aims to make Beer-Sheba and the Negev in general, groundbreaking when it comes to promotion, inclusion and integration of children with autism and their families.

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